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Our Open Banking Services Putting Banking Back on Main Street

Small & medium enterprise banking (SMEB) was founded after seeing a rapid decline in the number of established financial institutions on main street. This decline has led to a banking void for small to medium enterprises. This void has led to a need for deposit, payment and banking solutions for SMEs and that is where SMEB comes in by putting banking back on main street with our new and innovative Open Banking services. These services can be enabled for Banks and Credit Unions with regulatory authority.

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Open Banking

Cash Services


Our Services

Bringing connectivity to thousands of banks

Open Banking

With our connectivity to thousands of banks both in the UK, Europe and the USA we can effectively provide ‘On-Us’ bridges via Open Banking API connections with our partners.

  • Instant payments
  • Cash services
  • Full transparency

SMEB Bank Cube

We automate all branch services or can have staff to help customers if required.

Our services include:

  • Cash disbursement
  • Cash deposit
  • Cash recycling
  • Cheque processing
  • Coin deposit
  • Coin dispense
  • Open Banking service point


  • Open Banking POS
  • Instant payment

Multi Vendor Software

We have developed our own Multi Vendor software able to drive any device with a PC Core; the benefits of which are:

  •   PAN based marketing to the user
  •   Bespoke marketing services
  •   Full personalised customer experience
  •   Fully management of the device
  •  Our solution is PCI certified


Who We Are

Offering 'Banking as a Service' Solution

  • SMEB was built some 2 years ago during COVID with the merger of our US & EU processing platform and our Device management business.
  • SMEB is built on Open Banking
  • SMEB is built on innovation

What We Do

Providing safe and
secure banking facilities

Our solutions allow small to medium businesses to focus on their business while we do the banking. We help cashflow, we reduce cost, giving safe and secure banking facilities with fast access to your cash. Our service enables Banks and Credit Unions to provide this service.

What We Do

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